Glenn Beck Warns After O’Reilly is Gone Others at Fox News Could Be Forced Out! (Listen)

“We’re talking about removing the guard [Fox] at the gate”
“Without Fox News, we would not be here today as a nation. I truly believe that.”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything relating to Glenn Beck. Today he focused a good amount of his radio show to the ousting of Bill O’Reilly at Fox News and the impact it will have on all of us. It’s worth the time to hear, so please make the time to listen.

Beck made it clear if O’Reilly’s firing has to do with sexual allegations made fine let that stand and be transparent. But then he pointed out that he reached out to O’Reilly asking to see some evidence in response to his attorney’s statement.

The attorney sent some documentation over in which Beck read out that conveniently sounds similar to the campaign launched against him when he was at Fox!

(Document suggests Media Matters is behind O’Reilly advertiser exodus)

It would appear there is some validity to O’Reilly’s longstanding argument there are forces (Media Matters, Bonner Group, NY Times etc) at work to destroy him. Now that the left has a “scalp” Beck warns who is next? Will it be Hannity, Tucker etc until the Fox News that we know, the network Beck credits we probably wouldn’t be where we are today if they didn’t exist, is destroyed?

The left is not going to stop after O’Reilly, they have the wind on their back now. Again if the sexual allegations are the sole reason fine, but if other unfounded reasons were used in the decision to oust O’Reilly along with smear merchants tactics Beck points out.. Hannity, Tucker etc better be careful.

Keep in mind Fox is run by Rupert Murdoch and his two sons, both liberal who are getting their way. They are making decisions that could hurt the network even something as simple as reworking the schedule.

They have decided to bump Tucker to 8pm, The Five to 9pm and give the 5pm slot to Eric Bolling. Eric is a good guy but lets be honest he doesn’t bring the viewers in. It has already been noted in O’Reilly’s absence that viewership has dropped with Bolling and Dana Perino subbing for the Factor. Bolling had a show on Fox Business that never really took off and was subsequently canceled. The Five has been doing well at the 5pm timeslot beating other networks. WHY would those in charge of programming take a successful show and move it to 9pm while giving the 5pm show to a host who couldn’t win in the ratings when he had his own show, let along maintaining the viewership as a sub at 8pm? The Five will not carry over viewers either. This move alone shows the Murdochs are taking the network in the complete opposite direction, it’s as if they want to lose.

So.. what happens when Fox is no longer around, or they are no longer the source for information as they used to be as Beck argues? Like or hate Fox, the network is the only one where republicans, conservatives, TEA Party activists and independents could go to for the closest thing to down the middle news. That’s quickly changing which will make it even harder to get the truth on any given story.

Yea Trump won, repubs have Congress, Fox is number 1, but that all can change over night. Then what when the left controls all the media? Go back and listen to Beck when he talks about Fox’s impact after 9/11, 2008 crash etc, because he’s right.