Coulter Vows to Give Speech at UC Berkeley Regardless of Cancellation (Video)

“I’m definitely giving the speech. … What are they going to do, arrest me?”

UC Berkeley, a school that receives public funds, canceled Ann Coulter’s appearance over “safety concerns“, but that isn’t stopping her as she explained to Tucker Carlson.

UC Berkeley made numerous demands/ requirements for Coulter to give her speech. The liberal indoctrination camp’s underlying goal was to make things difficult for Coulter so they would have a reason to cancel her speech, but she in fact “acceded” to their demands.

These liberal indoctrination camps only embrace free speech when it is from their own kind. The moment anyone with an opposing view to the progressive nightmare is invited to give a speech the left shows the world it’s true self. They will either ban.. cancel a speech or skip the “diplomacy” and become dangerously violent as we saw when Milo Yiannopoulos was to speak. The monsters practically tore the campus apart as police stood down (just as they did over the weekend during a tax day protest).

Only those who invited and actual students will be permitted access but you can be sure the same Black Bloc/ Antifa aka domestic terrorists will show up. Since the school, city really, is incapable of controlling their own it should be quite entertaining to watch these radicals destroy one of their own refuges!