Chelsea Clinton Calls For “Everyone to Rise Up” (Video)

“Whether you want to share your voice on stage or on Twitter or
on the streets, I think we need everyone to rise up.”

The democrat machine is pathetically trying to propel Chelsea Clinton in some crazy concocted scheme to be some next generation future leader, regardless of her stating she isn’t seeking political office. No one heard a peep out of this unaccomplished, do-nothing, no talent, spoiled, progressive brat for years. Then all of a sudden mommy runs for POTUS, LOSES, and now the brat is everywhere, on the cover of magazines, getting a lifetime impact award (for what no one can figure out) etc and chiming in on serious issues she is clueless on.

To make matters worse this dolt nonchalantly called for a rebellion! What else does it mean when a liberal progressive calls for people to “rise up” on the streets?

Does she not know who hears her stupid twisted messages? It’s not just the lousy teachers who don’t want to teach kids anymore but want the pay of a CEO for a billion dollar corporation, or the idiots who wear hats in the shape of female genitalia. The people who turned Ferguson, Baltimore, Berkeley etc into war zones hear her call to “rise up” too! If something should happen where Clinton Jr, radical dem leaders like Maxine Waters and the like had direct influence on their violent ilk to rise up, they should be brought up on charges for insurrection and rebellion!