Levin: Trump Should Federalize CA Nat’l Guard Against ‘Stalinist Bastards’ at UC Berkeley (Listen)

“Either we have a Constitution or we don’t. Now these little Stalinist bastards on these campuses, all these tough guys walking around with sticks and knives, and covering their pathetic little faces in black and wearing a hoods and all the rest of it, enough already! Those damn college campuses belong to you and me!”

Trump should federalize the California National Guard, send Sessions in there with Coulter, and walk on that damn campus and lay the law down.”

Couldn’t agree more with the Great One. Trump should take a page from Ronald Reagan, in how he dealt with Berkeley protesters in 1969 by utilizing the National Guard. The protestors.. domestic terrorists at UC Berkeley are out of control threatening violence against any conservatives speaking. Thankfully Ann Coulter has every intention of speaking at UCB, “What are they going to do, arrest me?”, regardless of what UCB admin has said.

This is America we have freedom of speech, where even the most offensive speech is protected under the First Amendment. State colleges that receive federal funds, paid by you the taxpayer, should not be under the tyranny from the left that we’re seeing coast to coast. They need to have the facts of life explained to them via Nat’l Guard and Atty Gen Sessions making it clear. And no leftists, conspiracy theorists this would not be an act of fascism by “dictator” Trump. “You’re lawless leftwing kooks” who need to be put in your place!

Maybe it’s time a pro-Second Amendment city in an anti-2A state designate itself a sanctuary city for the Second Amendment as Levin suggests? We are far past time to start doing and saying things that infuriate the left. The more “we” stand down to the left over their threats, the more embolden and empowered they become.