NYT Reporter: “Propaganda Like” Hannity Could be Next in “Crosshairs” to Go at Fox News (Video)

Well there it is, consider this a warning Sean Hannity! Just yesterday Glenn Beck warned, after O’Reilly’s ousting, who is in dems crosshairs to go next at Fox where this clip would seem to confirm his theory it will be Sean Hannity. The Murdoch boys are hardcore liberals who will use the ousting of Bill O’Reilly to restructure Fox News to produce the type of “news” they want or you’re gone. And we’re not talking about just parting ways, but a massive public smearing before they cut you loose. Hannity briefly addressed this today on his radio show (audio clip not avail at time of this post) and frankly he sounded beyond naive about it all. With O’Reilly’s scalp on the wall the NY Times, Media Matters etc will now double their efforts against Sean.

There is no doubt the tactics used against Beck, when he was at Fox, were refined and successfully used against O’Reilly. Now progressives have a proven model to go after conservative media. Once Fox is gone or gutted then what? Who is next? The left will surely adjust tactics to go after conservative websites to have them shut down as well.

Consider Glenn Beck’s show from yesterday your warning America, don’t say you didn’t know. Sean Hannity should take it seriously vs trivializing it as he did on air today. The left is absolutely desperate after losing the election to regain power. They know they must control the flow of information before advancing their agenda to rise up, resist and put America back on the course obama set. That control starts with getting the bomb throwers of truth off the air!

“First they came for Bill O’Reilly…. ”