Maxine Waters: If We Impeach Trump, He Can’t Build the Wall (Video)

For someone who said she never said she called for Pres Trump to be impeached, Maxine Waters sure is obsessed with it and now we know why. Wiggy Waters thinks Trump will commit some impeachable offense and because he will be gone the border wall won’t be built. For the record in 2006 Congress passed, with bipartisan support, up to and including Clinton, Schumer AND obama, the Secure Fence Act. That is the bill to build the wall/fence between the US and Mexico. It is the same bill obama claimed the fence was completed when he mocked republicans wanting a moat with alligators!

Wigged out Maxine can dream all she wants about impeaching Trump, it’s never going to happen. Even if he was by some act of nature, Pence will be POTUS, he will push to fund the wall’s construction since the fact remains the Secure Fence Act is law!