Trump Needs to Deal With Rioters the Same Way Reagan Dealt With Berkeley Protesters in 1969 (Vid)

Pres Trump is going to have to take a page from Pres Reagan’s playbook, when he was Governor of California, dealing with unruly protesters, but ratchet things up a bit.

While Reagan had to deal with unhinged liberals, as Gov of CA in 1969, the one thing he didn’t have to deal with was anarchists, violent radical revolutionaries and hardcore progressives/aka communists who more or less declared war on the govt. Understand this, the left hates the US as it is and wants it radically changed. They thought they were getting that under obama’s imperial presidency and were expecting it to be continued under Clinton. All of that ended Nov 8th, 2016 when this nation rejected Fundamental Transformation throwing the left in a complete meltdown we’re witnessing today!

Granted libs had their moments of violence and destruction back then, but today they’ve taken it to a whole new level. They are calling anyone not in lockstep with their twisted ideology Nazi’s and fascists. These domestic terrorists (per the FBI’s definition) are also advocating anyone who supports Trump, wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat/shirt etc, and again not in lockstep with their ideology, to be punched in the face. You didn’t see bystanders of the opposite party in the 60’s more or less being hunted down, tagged enemies of the Republic and assaulted(at times beaten unconscious) as we see today. Today’s leftist protesters have crossed the line of civil disobedience, they are not protesters but dangerous rioters and criminals who are proudly declaring they will take it as far as necessary.

Remember the protesters and hippies of the 60’s are now professors, politicians and the like running the country and this new generation. They know from experience what did and didn’t work. They also know, as demonstrated, they have to ratchet things up to get what they want. For Pres Trump to order the roll out of the National Guard, as Reagan did, should be automatic. His admin needs to use every political, judicial and financial tool possible to clamp down on these domestic terrorists.

We’re only 2 weeks into the Trump Presidency and look how things are going. This nonsense from the left will continue and you can bank on things escalating. Americans need to prepare, the last 8 years were nothing but a warm-up for what’s coming over the next 4-8 years.

If you bought guns and ammo during obama’s reign of terror good for you, buy more!