Fmr Clinton Labor Sec Pushes Conspiracy Theory UC Berkeley Rioters Were Right-Wingers (Vid)

Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary and UC Berkeley professor, had the guts to go on tv, claiming there are “rumors” the anti-Trump riot at UC Berkeley was carried out by right-wingers to prove there’s no free speech for conservatives on liberal campuses! “I don’t want to say factually, but I heard that there was some relationship there between these people and the right-wing, and the right-wing movement that is affiliated with Breitbart News.” What you have here America is the birth of a conspiracy theory and fake news.

You would think a guy like Don Lemon would do his best to legitimize CNN after all the charges of being fake news, but instead he went right along with Reich!

There are no rumors even remotely suggesting what this little dwarf said. He has in fact planted the seeds of doubt by claiming the anarchists are right-wing. Think about it for a second, the one thing the right sucks at its organizing! Hell STR has blasted the TEA Party and conservative groups repeatedly for never organizing protests, marches, sit-ins or acts of civil disobedience, when the obama imperial empire ruled, that the left has mastered.

Reich wants viewers to believe the people who can’t organize a march to save their lives was able to organize a riot! This is shameful and pathetic but that’s was this little fella does! It shouldn’t be surprising that a fmr Clinton regime member makes shit up!