Justin Amash is Running For President

The power of the ChiComs is strong in this one. Ever since President Trump announced his trade policy with China disgraced former GOP Rep Justin Amash has been going after him. Why? Amash’s family business has business ties in China. That’s right Mr I Care About America I Sit on Higher Moral Authority Than Donald Trump puts Chinese slave labor that makes his crap ahead of US workers.

Amash who has voted with democrats against Kate’s Law, to condemn Trump and of course to impeach is so full of himself he announced on Twitter he has opened an exploratory committee to run for President on the Libertarian ticket.

Conservatives, red-blooded republicans and informed TEA Party activists aren’t going to vote for him, so who exactly does this fool think is going to vote for him? NeverTrump cult because there aren’t enough Libertarians? Most of the NeverTrumpers have already thrown in with Biden, if they back Amash that splits the democrat vote making a Trump win in November much easier.

Amash’s sole interest is to protect his business interests and be a tool of Communist China. He has no chance, no one running on third party does, BUT they can do damage to the other candidates.

That said Do Not assume Trump has this election locked up and will win in a landslide. He himself has warned against it…

This site has been warning for sometime now anything can happen, and look where we are now with this “pandemic” nonsense!

Assume the President is in the fight of his life, vote as if Biden chose Hillary as his running mate and has a good shot of winning where she will invoke the 25th Amendment against Biden to become President (If I thought it up it’s already crossed HRC and the others in the running heads!). If that doesn’t scare people to the polls in Nov then nothing will.