Here Are the Republicans Who Voted AGAINST Sanctuary Cities & Kate’s Law Bills

The House of Representatives successfully voted in favor of the Sanctuary Cities and Kate’s Law bills today. These bills if passed in the Senate and become law will add another line of defense against illegal immigration, but unfortunately we had several Republicans who dissented.

How anyone could vote against these laws is baffling because it means they are in fact enabling lawlessness in America. While we expect this from the democrats, but it’s inexcusable from Republicans many of which campaign about stopping illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.

Here are the House Republicans who voted “Nay” on –
No Sanctuary for Criminals Act:
Justin Amash (MI)
Carlos Curbelo (FL)
Mario Díaz-Balart (FL)
Dan Donovan(NY)
Peter King (NY) (aka Grimace)
Dave Reichert (MN)
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL)

Kate’s Law
Justin Amash (MI)

Justin Amash voted no on both bills, he was only repub to side with dems on Kate’s Law so he’s dead to me….

Florida voters you have problems you need to address.

Peter King “Mr I’m about the rule of law”, what do you expect he and Donovan are from PROGRESSIVE New York.

Dunno anything about Reichert but maybe it’s time for him to go.

Again if it wasn’t made clear, these people voting “Nay” are siding with democrats in favor of lawlessness in America. Furthermore, they care more about illegal aliens than you and yours!

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