Pirro Tears Into Namby Pamby Democrats Over Values That Have left America Vulnerable (Video)

Pirro opened up a salvo tearing into dems questioning their values following DNC chair Tom Perez’s (voice of the left) unhinged rant against Trump.

[Full speech here]

Perez is right though, Trump and the majority of America doesn’t share the same values as liberal democrats. Abortion, lawlessness, dismissing the Constitution, ignoring the plenary powers of the Pres of the US, weakening of the military and law enforcement, pandering to illegal aliens etc are not our values! Who in their right mind would want to get behind this these values!?

The same people who have these values, Pirro rightfully tears into and mocks as namby pamby are also the same ones claiming the Russians interfered with the election, colludiing with Trump and his team.’

As Pirro cites the Russians:
Didn’t write the emails that were hacked
Didn’t give CNN debate questions to Clinton camp
Didn’t wheel and deal with the Iranians who want us all dead!

Dems talk good game but do/have done nothing, while Trump is actually doing what he says he will do to protect America. Pirro’s prediction is dead on as well, these whiny baby liberals will be first ones to piss their pants and hide under their desks when we get attacked (by terrorists or a rogue nations ie North Korea) because of their lax policies that were rammed through over the last 8 years Trump is trying to reverse!

Frankly you lefties better pray that doesn’t happen, if/ when it does you do understand that finger you like to use when you blame others will be broken and that mouth you run will be hammered shut!