Shep Smith Defends Obama After Fmr CIA Dir Criticizes His Poor Record Dealing With Terrorists

Fmr CIA Director, James Woolsey, was giving his analysis of the current situation following the Manchester Arena attack pointing out, “We now have a president [Trump] who is pretty straightforward that he is at war with them [radical islamists]. He is not going to soft-pedal that. He calls them evil, and we haven’t had a situation like that. We did not have, in the eight years of the Obama administration, a president who wanted to fight and win a war.”

Like clockwork Shep Smith chimed in to defend obama attempting to, as some media outlets claim, “scold” Woolsey. Obama didn’t fight any wars to win them, just ask our troops who had to operate under the most insane rules of engagement, where they practically needed an atty as to when they could or couldn’t return fire. This is also the same pres who trivialized the threat ISIS posed calling them the JV team. The man did NOTHING for 8 years but allow evil to thrive around the world. The fmr Dir wasn’t having any of that nonsense from the liberal and continued on making his point how useless obama was.

Shep Smith is a supposed to be Fox’s main news reporter/ anchor. He is the one on standby for days like today to report the news. Instead we get his liberal bias and spin. That is what Hannity and Tucker are there for. They are opinionated commentators. If Shep wants to do the same he should propose it to the Murdoch boys running Fox (into the ground) and get his own show. Frankly the guy needs to go, he is far better suited to anchor on MSNBC or CNN, then again leaning liberal is Fox’s new business model. It’s working out so well MSNBC and Maddow have taken the lead!