Where’s the List of Advertisers Siding With Soros Dropping Ads From Sean Hannity?

Sean Hannity is the next person in line under fire from George Soros and Hillary Clinton’s Media Matters smear machine. I don’t care if you like Sean or not, but just as Glenn Beck, years ago, and Bill O’Reilly were attacked through threats of boycotts etc against their advertisers, the same tactics are being employed against Sean (just as Beck warned a day before O’Reilly’s ousting).

Throughout social media people are posting words and hash tag support for Hannity while oddly producing a list of current advertisers asking people to show support for the conservative radio and the Fox tv host. That’s all fine and great but where is the list of companies/ advertisers who are dropping ads from Hannity as from this current campaign to shut him down?

Let me rephrase that so it sinks in a little deeper for those of you who still read posts outside of 140 characters:

Where is the list of advertisers who have submitted/ bowed down to George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Media Matters? 
Where is the list of advertisers who are complicit with a radio and tv host being targeted for simply invoking his right to free speech?

Many in conservative radio and tv, including Hannity, have been adamant they are against boycotts. That’s fine, their opinion and right but they need to understand the left knows this. The left knows Hannity, Beck, Rush etc will never fight fire with fire so they attack, and attack very successfully. This kind of thinking has to end. It all goes right back to a video I did years ago about “left vs right” using Superman 2 scene….

Got it? While you may perceive yourself on a higher moral ground, you still got your ass beat AND more importantly nothing changed. When will the Hannity’s, O’Reilly’s, Beck’s and Limbaugh’s understand the left doesn’t care about your higher sense of morality and ethics. These people are the ones who will gladly kick you when your down. It is time to start punching back!

That starts by identifying who the advertisers are who have given into the Soros/ Clinton smear machine. These companies need to be pummeled not only in sales but stock value. Stop buying their products and sell off their stock if you own any (many people might not realize these co’s might be in 401K or mutual fund you own) If you’re not prepared to give the left a lethal dose of their own medicine you need to shut up. And that goes for Sean Hannity, who, by not listing advertisers who have cut and run, is protecting companies who couldn’t careless about him, but also his listeners as well! When XYZ Corp backs out of his show because of his alleged offensive content they’re also sending a clear message they don’t like you his listeners and viewers either!

American you didn’t like it when Hillary Clinton called you bunch of deplorables and made her along with many dems pay a price at the voting booth. Why won’t you do the same to companies with the all mighty dollar who are more or less saying the same thing when they pull advertising and do everything possible to destroy people like Hannity!?

When you grow a pair, you’ll start boycotting and “teach ’em, teach ’em all the way”