Hollywood & Dems Dealt Another Blow After Pajama Boy Ossoff Loses to Handel

Alyssa Milano, Samuel L Jackson, Rose McGowan and George Takei are some of the many celebs who joined democrats sticking their elitist noses in Georgia’s 6th District election between Pajama Boy Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel. Once again the communists of CA lost after sinking more money into this election than people actually living in the state!

When are these radicals going to get it through their thick skulls the nation is not interested in their trash socialist/ communist politics? Never, but hopefully they will continue to get involved pissing off Americans before they go into the voting booth. We have many seats that still need to be won in 2018. By the way, why were these people in CA, as well as all the others outside of GA, interfering in this election? These hypocrites whine about Trump-Russian collusion (proven lie) but have engaged in similar activity!

Make no mistake about it, for democrats this election was to be a referendum on Pres Trump. The democrats have no plan other than dumping millions into races, pushing hate, vitriol and sending their soldiers into the streets to intimidate people to submit to their twisted ideology. You can be sure this loss will cause the next protest/ confrontation to be a little bit more violent than they have been in the past. Being nasty and violent is all dems know how to do once they’ve lost the argument, and America they lost the argument AGAIN!