Rush: Sanders Throwing More Gasoline on Fire Encouraging Followers to Fight Back

Calls for unity didn’t even last a day after the attempted assassination of republicans. Democrats, leftists, corrupt media all went right back to business as usual with their violent rhetoric. Bernie Sanders and his ilk are apparently taking the lead with calls to fight back and resist. Resist what exactly? Job creation, boosting the economy, protecting the nation, putting America first!?

As Rush points out, does Sanders understand he has followers disciples who live by his every word? When these unhinged radical leftists hear Bernie, dems politicians, Hollywood libs and the corrupt MSM rant “republicans want to kill you” they react and Hodgkinson is proof!

Cannot say it enough, these people are dangerous. The left hates you, they want you to submit to them otherwise you are fair game. As far as the basics of their ideology goes they’re no different from ISIS in some respect: Submit or die.

The day is coming when you better be prepared to defend yourself, not from jihadists but unhinged violent dangerous democrats/leftists! If you haven’t read this piece by Kurt Schlichter you need to and follow him on social media. The man knows what he is talking about… buy guns and ammo!