MSNBC’s Reid Continues to Attack Republicans, Complains They’re Trying to ‘Make Themselves the Victims’

Joy Reid like all democrats just can’t seem to contain the hate that flows through her veins. After trashing Rep Scalise, who is recovering from being shot by a democrat, Reid continued her attack on the right complaining about republicans who are trying to “make themselves the victims”. Well gee Joy when you have been targeted for assassination I don’t think it’s a crime to consider yourselves victims. Democrats, unlike the republicans, don’t have opposition calling for them to be hunted down, executed for treason, accused of being nazis nor worry about anyone actually trying to assassinate them.

This progressive is deliberately ignoring the fact that the only violence being carried out is that against republicans, conservatives, TEA Party activists and Trump supporters by democrats. Yea, yea dems get death threats but that’s it. Those loons on the right making the threats are all talk no action, unlike democrats we have plenty of video physically attacking people.

Joy can take her selective memory and shove it. It’s clear as day she and her ilk continue to pile on the hate, amping up more of their violent drones to strike out. Lefties don’t whine when people start fighting back, you’re messing with a hornets nest.