Mark Levin: Matter of Time Until US Gets Whacked Again, Democrat Party and Media Will Be Largely Responsible

The left is clearly engaged in a coup against the President of the United States. These people are putting our security in jeopardy all over losing the election. They obstruct every move he makes, ignoring the fact that it isn’t just Trump they’re going against and attacking but the millions who voted for him!

Think about that America. Everyone who voted for Trump, voted for him for the policies he promised to you he would institute these actions by the left against Trump are also against you. The dems and media have absolute contempt for all of us. Like I have said and now Levin, it’s “just a matter of time until we get whacked again. And the democrat party and the media will be largely responsible for it along with the islamonazis who do the attacking.” When we get hit the democrats, media and Hollywood will own the chaos that follows. The blood will be on their hands, don’t allow them to speak publicly on anything with regards to national security (and that is a long list from economy to the border).

We’re in the early, early stages of World War III and a COLD civil war! Instead of focusing on the threats, taking necessary action to protect America, half the country (dems&media) wants to do nothing but attack their own countrymen/women because they’re upset they lost an election, where their previous leaders (obama) destructive policies are being undone!! They care more about preserving the nightmare obama built that America’s future and security.

Open your eyes, that is how dangerous the left is. They enable our enemies, leave the door wide open for an attack because they hate you and the President. They would rather see America burn than see it become successful under republican leadership.