Nebraska Dem Party Official Caught on Tape Glad Scalise Was Shot

If you are a republican, conservative, TEA Party activist or identify with the Right in any capacity the Left HATES YOU. These people will run to the mics with all their kumbaya, “we need to be peaceful, and tolerant” but behind closed doors welcome seeing carnage like that a week ago in Alexandria, VA when republicans were attacked leaving Steve Scalise in critical condition.

Nebraska democrat, now former Technology Committee chair, Phil Montag caught on tape is proof of that. And let’s be clear had this audio not been made public Montag would still be on the Tech Comm.

Democrats / Left have absolute contempt for anyone who is not in lockstep with their beliefs and agenda. The hateful rhetoric has not stopped since the assassination attempt and appears to have actually ratcheted up, because in the larger scheme of things nothing has really happened to make them stop. They know their hate is triggering the unhinged within their ranks to do the dirty work and that is why they welcome it. Sooner or later another will act out where it may be just what they want to sway public opinion and get republicans to join them to silence people, take away rights.

We’re in a COLD civil war, equiv to late 1850’s, whether any of you want to admit it. –
Democrats physically attacked a republican on TX house floor.
Leftists have attacked Trump supporters at pro-Trump rallies and marches.
A democrat tried to assassinate republicans to change the balance of power in Congress.
Celebrities hiding behind their status and “trade” imitate or flat call for violence against the Right and POTUS