Another Celeb Jokes About Killing the President of the United States

Whoah big shocker another Hollywood elitist is making jokes about killing the President of the United States. I wrote Trump’s title out for a reason because it should really sink in with people. Joking/kidding about killing POTUS is unacceptable.

A week ago we had an example of what happens when Leftists carry on about how republicans want to take everything away, are nazi’s and their policies will “kill you”. James Hodgkinson acted on what he was hearing from the fringe media and democrats believing what they were saying to be true. How long until another unhinged radical Leftist believes all the negative press about the President and attempts to assassinate him? There’s no difference in the propaganda being pushed out by the Left. There’s nothing stopping some Hodgkinson copycat to go after the President of the United States.

Johnny Depp and his deplorable ilk in Hollywood. hiding behind their “credentials” of being comedians and entertainers. are creating an environment for some loon to attempt a Presidential assassination. If that happens these people need to be held responsible. Make no mistake about it if the roles were reversed democrats would be out for blood on anyone speaking negatively about a democrat POTUS.

If you want to teach Depp and others a lesson you must engage in boycotts. All these people care about is their status and more importantly how fat their wallets are! PUNISH them, PUNISH the studios and PUNISH the advertisers so when the money is cut off they learn a lesson.

For those against boycotts, you are the problem. This video was made to get the Right out of their pacifist funk, but it applies to those against boycotts or really any form of fighting back they’re against.