Obama DHS Sec: No Vote Tampering, Evidence of Collusion, Conspiring Or Coordination With the Russians

If it wasn’t clear when Comey testified it should be today, after obama’s DHS sec Jeh Johnson’s testimony, that this quest against Trump of Russian collusion is over. Since there is no evidence of collusion that also means there is no obstruction. How can you obstruct something that never happened!? How can the Pres be guilty of obstruction if it’s within his plenary powers to act/ manage his admin as he sees fit?

Democrats and liberals who still hold onto this conspiracy theory should be forced to explain how the Russians interfered with the election if Hillary won the popular vote? Democrats LOVE to remind everyone how she got more votes.. okay true so how did the Russians help Trump if she got more votes?!
Democrats IT’S OVER! But by all means continue making fools of yourselves, it’s worked out so well to date!