Ben Shapiro Demolishes CAIR Operative Over Linda Sarsour’s Call For Jihad

Ben Shapiro did a great job countering Hassan Shibly, a CAIR operative and friend of Linda Sarsour, who was justifying Sarsour’s speech claiming the language she used was taken out of context. Nothing of the sort happened, and correct me if I’m wrong but the segment is about Linda, yet Shibly takes offense with Shapiro for talking about Jihad Linda?! Ben then talks about CAIR and it’s ties to Muslim Brotherhood, again the CAIR goon gets upset, deflects by changing topic himself and gets belligerent talking over Shapiro.

Why did Hassan do that? Because that’s what islamists, like democrats, do when they get cornered and outsmarted. They rant and rave, talk over their opposition while they spew their propaganda.

Jihad is defined as a call for a holy war. Yes, it also means internal struggle, but 99.9999999% of the time the word is used to justify islamists carrying out violence and terrorism. Jihad Linda knows what she was doing and saying, she used jihad in her speech to cause controversy so she could then play the victim card when people reacted like they are now.

Take a lesson from Shapiro, no matter what islamists and leftists say stand your ground do not give them an inch.