Women’s March Organizer Says “Muslims Should Not Assimilate” Fighting Trump is “a Form of Jihad”

Just going to drop this here for all the feminists, hate Trump and the like so we can hear they’re pathetic excuses defending this woman. Linda Sarsour, the organizer of the Women’s March, looks to have made official what we already know that muslims don’t assimilate, but she takes it a step further saying fighting Trump is “a form of jihad”!

#1 Either assimilate into American culture or get out! Why are you here if you don’t want to assimilate and be an American? Oh that’s right you’re all about destroying America!
#2 “A form of jihad” to fight against this admin and all the stereotypes listed huh? Please Linda tell us what this fight of yours entails? Knowing how “your people” act out this sounds like a declaration of war or at the least a threat against the President and his admin. We know this to be true vs some protests because you want sharia in America. And under sharia there is no compromise, either submit to islam or die!

Those backing this hardcore islamist are the biggest suckers on the planet. You’re all for gay and women’s rights yet this woman wants sharia law globally, which would squash you all! Do you Leftists have any idea how stupid you come off to normal people? How can you possibly be for gay and women’s rights when this woman who allies with you is really working for your demise!?