CNN’s Acosta Attacks Trump Presser, Pushes Fake News About “17 Intel Agencies”

What is wrong with Jim Acosta? This guy is driven by pure hate, so much so he is now pushing absolute proven fake news destroying the very minute, if that, credibility he had. Obama did absolutely nothing about Russia meddling. It was actually comical as to what was reported, that obama allegedly said he told Putin to “cut it out”!

Putey Pute must have been shaking in his boots after that threat from Mr Mom Jeans.

With regards to claims of 17 intel agencies agreeing Russia meddled in the election (plastered all over the web), that was retracted!

This too from Clapper…

What would possibly possess Acosta to question it when the New York Times, of all places, admitted the story was not true, only 4 agencies made the assessment? Before Jimmy takes shot at the President, why doesn’t he attack one of his own and blast NY Times for pushing lie making everyone look bad?

Frankly, based on his actions, Acosta has come unglued, he is unhinged, demonstrating clear hostility towards Pres Trump and he should have access to the White House revoked. CNN for that matter should have their access revoked after the lies they’re pushing as well. This “news network” no longer produces news. They are propagandists, pushing the progressive narrative with the goal of destroying the President of the United States. Do they ever talk about anything but bash Trump? They have had to retract stories, fire employees, went after the maker of a GIF (more or less blackmailing them), this is not a news organization.

Boycott their advertisers America. It is time to “shut that shit down, no exceptions”!