Here Are the Republicans Who Voted to Repeal Obamacare in Dec 2015

As you are aware the Senate health care bill to replace obamacare has failed. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called for a full repeal of obamacare, to vote on the repeal bill that passed on Dec 3, 2015 that obama vetoed Jan 8, 2016. Here are the republicans who almost voted unanimously in both the House and Senate for the repeal.



This move to repeal barackobamacare is already in trouble, as three republican Senators who voted in favor are now balking:
Lisa Murkowski, Shelley Capito and Rob Portman lied to voters, took their money and are now saying they can’t support a repeal! How does that work exactly? They were for it when obama was POTUS but now they aren’t? These three along with anyone else who sides with the democrats needs to be destroyed. Melt their phone lines in DC and local offices down, crash their email servers, take a page from democrat protesters go to their offices blast them for lying and run them out of office! Enough is enough of the lies and deceit. WE are the ones who have to deal with the swamp monsters.

Your Senator or Representative is listed above on public record for supporting the repeal. You need to hammer away on them to honor the promise they made to you for your vote.

America put the fear of God in these people, before more decide to join Murkowski, Capito and Portman. You know how weasely they can be, afraid to be the first but once one acts many follow. We need all the rats, who weren’t flushed during the election, exposed now so we know who to and not support in 2018.

A simple message must be made to everyone in Congress who promised/ voted for the repeal to #RepealObamacareOrResign.

Update 7/26/17: The Senate has failed to pass full repeal of obamacare. Those who voted yes in 2015, listed above, voted no today!
Alexander, Capito, Heller, McCain, Murkowski, Portman.. *Collins

* Sen Collins(R) voted no in 2015 and stands by her vote now. She is the only one of this bunch who shows any “integrity”.