Schumer Accuses Trump of Sabotage, “Actively Trying to Undermine Healthcare System”

Does this guy have a pair or what!? Only Chuck Schumer would run to the cameras to attack Pres Trump over the coming collapse of obamacare. Trump didn’t write any of the failed GOP obamacare replacement bills, as a matter of fact he tried to sway Congressmen to get on board with whatever the leadership cooked up! He also tried to get dems on board with a replacement bill but they refused to budge. Chuck is just lying at this point for a nightmare he and the socialists will have to own now.

Who wrote obamacare?
Who passed it in the middle of the night?
Who signed it into law?
Who spent years on camera telling Americans how wonderful it is, costs would go down, care would be better etc?
How many republicans supported it when it was proposed, voted on and implemented?

Answer to the above: Democrats and 0.

Why is it the republican’s and Trump’s responsibility to make a law that was deliberately written to fail NOW work? The democrats honestly believed Hillary would be POTUS right now to come to the rescue with single payer. That is and was the goal of the radical left. Obama said single payer was the end goal before he was even elected, but the big question was how do they get there?

You get there by writing a 2000 page plus bill no one read, pass it in the middle of the night that is a complete and total disaster. Conservatives and republicans will be damned if democrats even remotely try to pin obamacare failing on us. For the record that evil Ted Cruz tried to warn everyone in 2013 but NO ONE would listen on either side of the fence. He tried to stop it all together, but was blamed for a govt shutdown.

By the way Chuck, you want single payer, so does Trump, he said it! So why attack him? This is just more DC games the American people have had enough of.