Trump Will Enact Universal Health Care: ‘I Don’t Care If It Costs Me Votes’

This is from way back in January 2016…

For those of you in the dark, universal health coverage is one of the many names dems used to ID obamacare. It is beyond baffling how a nation that was beyond enraged over barackobamacare will turn a blind eye support Trump who promises to deliver his own version of it. Who will pay for it? “Government” not STR’s words, Trump’s:

America that is your money, you are the American government. We don’t need single payer, universal or any other type of health care system created that is run by government. Trump can deny and twist the words around all he wants but if govt is paying for it then it is what it is! Trump is also on record during the the Fox debate praising Canadian system which is single payer!

The govt has proven they cannot do anything right, just look at Social Security, welfare system, AMTRAK etc, all complete disasters! The only business this govt is good at is our military, they should leave everything else to the free market. That said Trump running healthcare through his admin will be a fiasco as it is now.

Those of you voting in Iowa you need to vote based on logic not emotion. Trump wins the emotion debate but logically what he proposes is like Tom Hanks character from the movie “Big”. His idea sounds good but it won’t work.

If you’re vehemently against obamacare how can you support Trump’s position?