Sen Alexander: Not Even 40 Votes to Repeal Obamacare

Following the Senate lunch meeting with Pres Trump, Sen Lamar Alexander told reporters POTUS prefers repeal and replace approach to obamacare, that he too is in favor of. Repeal and replace is not what voters asked for, nor what Senators and Representatives ran on to get elected and hold majority power in both houses. What was even more disturbing to hear, Alexander said they don’t even have 40 votes to repeal obamacare!

We know about 3 Senators who lied about repealing obamacare who gladly took voter money, who are the other Senators now balking at repealing the worst piece of legislation in US history? America you need to call out your Senators, ask them flat-out if they support and will vote for the full repeal of obamacare, as promised.

Those who answer no or refuse to answer need to be run out of office. Draining the swamp is not enough, it needs to be filled in with cement.