Tucker Grills Dem Congressman Who Wants to Impeach Trump “So He’ll Stop Tweeting”

Democrat Rep Brad Sherman followed through on his threat from last month to file articles of impeachment today against Pres Trump. As he explains to Tucker Carlson, Sherman cites 2 examples of obstruction committed by the President that are impeachable with James Comey. What he leaves out is the President has the power to stop an investigation (if he wanted to) and can hire and fire anyone at anytime for any reason or no reason. Not sure who Sherman consulted with but Constitution scholars Jonathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz, both liberals, have been clear Trump has acted within his powers when he fired LEAKER James Comey.

This attempt to impeach Trump is DOA, Sherman knows that and even admits it because as Tucker put it Sherman is “impeaching Trump so he’ll stop tweeting”! This is some kind of “scare tactic” to cause an investigation and intervention, Sherman thinks will make Trump stop tweeting and become more competent!

Democrats (and some repubs) like Sherman are the ones incompetent in DC. They are the poster children for Term Limits which will only happen in an Article V Convention of the States. Hopefully many democrats will join Sherman in this futile quest to remove Trump burning up whatever political capital they have left.