Jesse Jackson Claims 2016 Election Was Stolen

Preaching to his Rainbow Push Coalition, at the annual convention, Jesse Jackson claimed the 2016 election was stolen. Of course he cited the 3 million more votes Hillary received while taking a shot at the electoral college, and it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Comey and Russian interference.

Someone should remind Jackson the US is a Republic, NOT a democracy whose elections are based on popular vote/direct democracy/ mob rule. If that were the case 6, yes S I X, states would decide the election!

In response to Jackson’s claim of Russian interference, to this day no one on the left has produced voters who changed their vote from Hillary to Trump because of the Russians. How could they have interfered on Trump’s behalf if Hillary, as he makes clear, won more votes? Yea.. the interference never happened.

As for Comey interfering, it’s pretty obvious he was acting on orders from Loretta Lynch. Like above have democrats produced voters who changed their vote from Clinton to Trump because of the Comey clusterf*ck? No!

All Jackson is trying to do is amp up radical Leftists to make donations to his organization, and sign up to be foot soldiers for the 2018 midterms. He can point fingers and attack the Right all he wants, it will only result in more division, more hate that has not worked out well for the DNC. So by all means keep it up, there are plenty of democrat seats to take.