Antifa Domestic Terrorists Go On The Attack in Berkeley, 10 Arrested (Videos)

Big shocker antifa domestic terrorists went on another tear in Berkeley to silence those they deem fascist and use “offensive speech”. Who made these communists the arbiter to decide what is and isn’t offensive speech, let alone pinning “fascist” on an individual who simply has differing political views? Some claim antifa is countering neo-nazis and alt-right types, that is unclear, but even if true, like it or not, they have as much right to speak as any hate group in America. The First Amendment protects all forms of speech including the most offensive.

[To be clear STR denounces and condemns racists, neo-nazis, white supremacists, black lives matter, antifa and all the other radical groups who bring hate, violence and physical destruction to the streets of America.]

Good job media giving antifa protection. When they finally kill someone, simply because they wanted to speak their mind, that blood will be on your hands.

It should be noted among the 10 arrested, Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson was detained by Police “after being chased by a mob of demonstrators who took swings at him and pepper sprayed him.” That’s how progressive police roll in CA, they detain and put victims in handcuffs!

America these terrorists are amassing an army as you can clearly see in these vid clips. The Left is preparing for an offensive to take down anyone who opposes them. They lost the election but nothing is going to stand in their way from fulfilling obama’s dream of fundamental transformation.

At least 10 arrested as clashes break out during Berkeley protests
Police: Fights break out as 4,000 people protest in city
Several fights broke out during largely-peaceful protests in Berkeley Sunday afternoon when about 4,000 people converged on the city, police said.

At least 10 people were arrested for “various violations” during the events, Berkeley police said.

Of the people detained during the protests, several were wearing masks while others were connected to assaults. Two men were arrested after exchanging blows. The SFGate reported they were quickly swept up by officers inside Civic Center Park.

Police also detained Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson at the protests. The SFGate reported he was handcuffed after being chased by a mob of demonstrators who took swings at him and pepper sprayed him…more