Lib Defending Antifa Gets Mic Cut as Fireworks Fly on Watters World (Video)

In what was to be a civil discussion about antifa vs the alt-right all bets were off as Watters World lib guest Brian Levin, from Ctr for the Study of Hate & Extremism, defended the violent hate group, tried to put blame for their existence over the rise of white nationalists. His defense made no sense to Jesse Watters or former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino as he blamed the Right. Bongino wasn’t having any of what Levin was selling and spelled out exactly what these violent Leftists are all about.  To make matters worse Levin took personal shots at Bongino, which is typical MO of Leftists who pathetically try to defend their vile foot soldiers only to make fools of themselves and have their mic cut!

The Left has made a clear decision to defend antifa at all costs. They have taken full ownership with outlandish claims, as Levin attempted to lay out, this group is for the little guy, against oppressors and fascists. In reality what they are is pure definition of fascist. BTW, who made antifa the arbiters of what is or isn’t hate speech or offensive that they can take to the streets in their wannabe ninja outfits assaulting people?

On the flip side you have the alt-right, comprised of multiple factions (kkk, nazis, white supremacists, “nationalists” etc) who have been denounced by Bongino, POTUS and many on the right.

Normals on the Right have the guts to admit and separate themselves from radicals on their side. Where as Leftists refuse to, defend and embrace them. Meanwhile chaos unfolds on Americas streets because some liberals feelings have been hurt who are offended by just about anything that is socialist or communist in nature.

The country is not becoming more divided because of people like Bongino but radicals like Levin who choose to change topics because they can’t defend the violent actions of their own.

You wanna know where we’re headed if the Left gets its way? Watch the Demolition Man (1993) and pay attention to the backstory of the type of “joy, joy” society people are living under. The world “Dr Cocteau” built is what libs want for all of us!