WATCH Linda Sarsour Call on Kaepernick Supporters to Rise Up, Put Their “Lives On Line For Justice”

There was a rally today for NFL QB Colin Kaepernick that was a magnet for radicals living among us to come out in support of this hate America, hate the Police “athlete”.

First off, if Kaepernick was a good quarterback he would have a job right now regardless of his politics. Because he doesn’t have a rifle of an arm anymore he chose to be divisive and controversial, by disrespecting the National Anthem, our Flag and Police. Since he can’t throw like he used to, radical leftists held a rally for him where Womens March organizer Linda Sarsour showed up taking shots at the usual group Leftists target, from the Police, white supremacists, rich etc. Sarsour carried on closing by telling supporters:

“We want you to know that we will not be silenced by blue lives matter, by white supremacists, by neo-nazis, by right-wing zionists. Expect us anytime there is a fight for justice or a fight against injustice. You better expect us ’cause we will be there and we will be there on the front lines. And that means putting our lives on the lines for justice. Malcom X said, ‘if you are not ready to put your life on the line for freedom, take that word out of your mouth.'”

Sounds like a battle cry to me, especially from a woman with a very questionable background with ties to hardcore islamists.

[BTW I sat and listened to her whole damn speech, that deserves some shares and social media follows!]