Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter Says “Trump is Literally the Epitome of Evil” (Video)

The co-founder of BLM, Patrisse Cullors is not holding back with the hate speech she has for Pres Trump saying he is “literally the epitome of evil”, invoking “dangerous policies” in the likes of hitler!

(Side note: this is the same co-founder of BLM who recently said hate speech is not protected under the First Amendment.)

Black Lives Matter, per the FBI’s definition, is a domestic terrorist organization that is being embraced by the alt-Left media. These two, along with dem politicians and other dangerous, radical Leftist groups, are pushing a narrative that Trump supports nazis and racists, which means his supporters also support them as well. Everyone who stands opposed to the Left are nazis, and in their delusion world, if you’re a nazi then you’re hitler too!

This language is extremely dangerous because, while most sane people will roll their eyes, it’s taken seriously be those on the fringe who are mentally unstable. Hateful rhetoric we’ve been hearing that has only gotten worse has motivated the unhinged to attack people. If this nonsense and over-the-top overreaction isn’t put to a stop we will have another Alexandria. This time around it won’t be against republicans playing ball, it will be a Leftist attacking Trump supporters at a rally of some sort with casualties similar to the Pulse nightclub attack.

Leftists in the media, tv pundits, celebs, politicians etc you will own the violence that unfolds for never denouncing and condemning radicals. Whatever unfolds afterward is on you…. God help you all if I’m right.