Maxine Waters: “If You Come For Me, I’m Coming For You” (Video)

Maxine Waters couldn’t contain the disdain she has Pres Trump and those with opposing views (lumping everyone on the Right as Alt-Right), in her Black Girls Rock Social Humanitarian Award acceptance speech. It doesn’t matter what venue this woman is at, if there’s a camera and/ or mic she’ll find a way to insert divisive rhetoric to amp up her minions (as you can see from the crowds applause).

Maxine ought to worry with that threat of hers, “If you come for me, I’m coming for you”. Where did a congresswoman living on a govt salary get the money for a $4.3m house? How is it she doesn’t live in the district she was elected to represent? If would be nice if some investigative reporters out there would tear her life apart.

What’s dangerous about this speech and others she’s given is the constant promises to impeach POTUS. For what? Donald Trump has not broken any laws. Claims of collusion with Russia, championed by this witch, while BAD politically is not a crime. She’s ranted about obstruction of justice, again Trump has done nothing wrong as he has acted within his Constitutional plenary powers. Waters knows this, but she continues to mislead the uninformed masses. When she says “we will resist you”, that is a message to the monsters organizing for a major protest in the spirit of Occupy, starting Nov 4th. She’s given her blessing to go after this administration. So what happens when the promise to impeach isn’t fulfilled? These mindless foot soldiers will be motivated to act out more than they already are by Waters and her ilk in DC. What she is doing is quite similar to that of CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin. They are creating an atmosphere to trigger another Alexandria. The Left’s unrelenting hate towards Trump and the Right is going to result in another mass shooting.

[Apologies for autoplay, I have no control over it, blame BET]