Pelosi is Right! Democrats Have “Won Every Fight” Against Republicans (Video)

Going to do something rarely done here, I’m going to give her this one. Nancy Pelosi is right, dems just about “won every fight” against republicans! Why? Because the majority of the GOP are progressives (aka GOP establishment) like their counterparts in the democrat party. The only real difference between the two faces of the progressive beast is their messaging. Dems are masters at propaganda and can sell their bs to anyone, repubs are inept, incompetent, impotent fools who cower the moment anything negative is said about them.

That is the other major problem with the GOP. The moment they’re attacked especially when the race card is thrown in they run to the hills. Watch and see America, this nonsense over statues, GOP will break and give in to the dems. Or how about obamacare. They told us for years they had a plan, only to learn there was nothing ready, then when they produced “replacements” (we never asked for) they’re all obamacare-lite!

The dems while a minority are still running Congress. They are sandbagging Trump’s agenda, thus producing the Trump’s low approval rating Pelosi brings up. Why? Because the GOP cowers to them, and they’ll do it in few weeks over the next spending bill.

I see people on the Right commenting how you want Trump to “Drain the Swamp”. Well I have news for you, he can’t, you have to! You can start with Jeff Flake, John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, Mitch McConnell… pretty much anyone who has attacked Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul (whom I disagree with a lot) and most of the Freedom Caucus (Justin Amash you’re dead to me). Trump can only do so much, YOU have to send in reinforcements to help him, because the jerks who scammed us all to get into office are helping Nancy, Chuck Schumer win “every fight”!