CNNs Toobin Says Trump Knowingly Incites “Almost Violent” Base Against Media (Video)

It’s almost as if the media wants to inspire another Alexandria…


CNN’s “legal expert” Jeffrey Toobin is picking up where Don Lemon left off claiming Pres Trump is knowingly inciting his base against the Alt-Left Media. These people are outright lying at this point over what Trump has said. How many times does he have to denounce and condemn nazis, kkk, white supremacists etc who ALL fall under Alt-Right moniker?! There are video montages of Trump from interviews and pressers making it clear, yet they continue to rail against him.

This new narrative is far worse than the Russia, Russia, Russia or obstruction claims. The Alt-Left Media have the tape and completely deny it so as to plant some crazy idea Trump’s base is the Alt-Right. That means you ladies and gentleman, they like their radical foot soldiers who have been rioting truly believe if you support Trump then you are Alt-Right! You know who is inciting Trump’s base against the media? THE MEDIA! They have created this hate by lying incessantly, bashing Trump, his supporters, Conservatives, TEA Party activists etc etc for YEARS! This hate for the media didn’t just start when Trump came along calling them “fake news”.

Yes, Trump is going to hammer away on the Alt-Left Media, and his supporters are going to continue chanting “_ [insert network] SUCKS”, because they do! They’re lying 24/7, now lumping us all together with racists and white supremacists! In all honesty, there’s nothing Trump, Obama or Clinton can do about radicals supporting them. They exist on both sides of the aisle, only difference is you never hear anyone on the right calling every single democrat voter Antifa! That is what the media is doing now and it’s dangerous because ONE OF THEIRS IS GOING TO ACT OUT AGAIN! They’ve pushed the hate which resulted in countless acts of violence leading up to an attempted assassination. Guess what CNN? When another Hodgkinson shows up and open fires on Trump supporters you will be held responsible. Don’t whine, cry, complain, or condemn anyone when you can’t walk out the building without security!