Fmr Clinic Director Reveals Truth About How Planned Parenthood Makes Money

While we’ve heard the ghoulish stories about what goes on at, the dems prized, Planned Parenthood org, new stories that surface always leave you in total shock. Props to Abby Johnson for leaving and putting a light on the truth about what really goes on vs the propaganda we hear from democrats and PP officials.

There’s no doubt Johnson is under attack since leaving and outing PP. You can bet with this appearance on Tucker she will be under heavy assault from co heads and pro-abortion fanatics, feminazis and your all around Leftist dirtbags.

The monsters at this organization literally have quotas on abortions, but not on mammograms or any other service the Left claims are provided. What’s even more evil, as Johnson explains, is how they hide the income they make off of selling the body parts. Workers joke about the dead bodies, call a freezer a nursery etc… they have no souls over what they’re doing. One would hope members of Congress are seeing this while they’re on their undeserved vacation. There is absolutely no reason why one more dollar of taxpayer money should be spent to fund this baby killing machine.