Al Sharpton: Trump is “Killing the Dream” of MLK

Al Sharpton, who should be under a rock if not in jail for tax evasion* never misses a beat when it comes to making outrageous claims. Like his Leftist ilk who attack Pres Trump, Sharpton of course puts his unique spin, being the biggest racist in America, going as far as to suggest Trump is “killing the dream” of Martin Luther King Jr.

Voting rights are not under siege. Americans in poverty hit record levels under obama, the war against it has been an utter failure since LBJ instituted it. Criminal justice reform in jeopardy? How’s that when obama let outright animals loose! If anything harsher penalties are needed for those committing violent crimes who get locked up for petty drug crimes they get cut loose for! As for healthcare, not buying it that MLK,a REPUBLICAN, would have been in favor of govt controlled/ mandated healthcare, especially when the level of care is impacted. What we need is to bring the costs down, there are few cooperatives rewriting the book on how it CAN be done.

Sharpton of course always leaves the facts out because that’s what he does. He knows to push racism, push the dream is being killed by the mean angry white guy in the White House.

*Why isn’t this guy serving time in a federal penitentiary for tax evasion?