Rep Waters Defends Leaking Classified Material, Expects Mueller to Prove Collusion to Impeach Trump

Maxine Waters, the face of the democrat party and modern-day confederacy, is on a roll with her campaign to destroy Pres Trump even if it means encouraging govt employees to break federal law.

In this segment with Joy Reid Waters defended the leaking of classified material, which is a federal violation under 18 US Code § 793 – Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information. This code should sound familiar it’s the same one Hillary Clinton violated. Leakers are putting national security in jeopardy, where Waters doesn’t seem to care one bit as long as it gets what she needs to impeach Trump.

This multi-millionaire* living on govt salary is cheering on, Special Counsel, Robert Mueller’s investigation into the President with the hopes collusion can be proven between Trump and the Russians, so he can be impeached. The fact that there is NO LAW stating collusion is a crime is irrelevant to this confederate. She knows it, Mueller knows it, but Maxine also knows the public has no clue, where she and the media control the flow of information. When nothing happens you can be sure Waters, Reid and the rest of their Leftist ilk will be running to the cameras complaining about the “injustice”, “something must be done”, “this is a crime against the people”… use your imagination. It will only fuel suspicions and concerns many of the Right have expressed of a coup by the Left leading this country into violent times initiated by unhinged Leftist activists, which will result in a gruesome massacre!

Leaders on both sides of the aisle need to spell the facts out, admitting collusion is not a crime, POTUS has legal right to fire those under him thus no obstruction and squash the hate that is coming from extreme corners of both sides. Otherwise this country is headed for some serious trouble when one side is greatly disappointed…