Leftist Media and Politicians Side With Kim Jong-un Over President Trump

The Left as expected are coming out against Pres Trump as the threat of a nuclear North Korea became a reality. Just as they are/were concerned about rhetoric used to attack and mock radical islam over fears it will recruit more jihadists and cause attacks, they’re using same “logic” over language Trump is using, “fire and fury”. The Left actually thinks Trump shouldn’t use the type of language Kim Jong-un is using because it might make KJu do something!

FFS! Thank God these IDIOTS were not on the mics during WW2, because we’d all be speaking German today. Or, if they were around a few years later with this nonsense we might be speaking Russian now.

Democrat (incl RINO’s like McCain) politicians, who’ve been around since the 1990’s, calling for diplomacy today tried it then which gave us a nuclear North Korea. The alleged 60 nukes this kid is in control of is a direct result of Bill Clinton’s outstanding foreign policy and negotiation skills. Bush was no help on the matter and obama clearly pretended the problem didn’t exist while he set Iran up to follow in NK’s lead. Yea, we’re going to be having the same discussion when Iran has nukes or maybe they’ll just use them without notice as I warned for year here.

This is a mess that Trump did not create, and he shouldn’t be blamed for how he is dealing with it. He’s on record in 1999 saying he will negotiate like crazy to avoid conflict and would not use nuclear weapons, yet the Left claims otherwise. All they do is lie and stir up a hornets nest.