Today It’s Civil War Statues, Tomorrow Will It Be Jefferson Memorial… Mt Rushmore?

Radical Leftists Tear Down Statue of Confederate Soldier in NC

This destruction of American HISTORY (good or bad) has got to stop. The radical Left is hell-bent on removing AMERICAN history at a dangerous pace because “It’s racist.” Uh huh, so what’s next, and I mean this sincerely, Monticello, Mt Vernon, the JEFFERSON MEMORIAL!?!? When will it be enough? Everyday that goes by where a statue or monument is removed because they’re racist or offensive to today’s PC culture gets us closer to a day when the Left will call for the destruction of Jefferson Memorial, because Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. What about Mt Rushmore, will that too be deemed offensive and racist because Washington and Jefferson are embodied on it?! As of right now, and Glenn Beck I DON’T CARE about your lame excuse against this, there is no difference.. NO DIFFERENCE between the radical Left removing and now destroying historic statues and ISIS destroying artifacts.

Historic statues and monuments are scars, they remind us of people we were, struggles we went through and overcome. Yes some have roots to Americans dark history but if we remove them than that history will eventually be erased too! How dare anyone on whatever side they associate with demand their removal. If the sight of a statue, monument or even a flag offends you so much you feel enraged with violent tendencies surging through your veins, seek psychiatric help immediately! Let me give you some very old advice:

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt.