Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter Claims “Hate Speech” Not Protected Under First Amendment (Vid)

SMH… every couple of months it seems we have to go through this as some radical Leftist put their “I’m a Constitution expert” hat on to rewrite it for their benefit. The First Amendment was not written so people can freely say things everyone agrees with in mind. It was written so the most offensive things can be said without a person fearing persecution or prosecution.

Megyn Kelly EVISCERATED radical Leftist Richard Fowler on the very issue…

Yes, even HATE speech is protected and Patrisse should know since her BLM ilk march down streets chanting some of the most offensive, hateful things we’ve ever heard.

Remember this..

Or how about this!

These two are clear examples of hate speech, so where was Patrisse to condemn her own followers for using it?

Leftists are really on roll as of late, telling us what we can or can’t say. Removing statues in effect taking first steps of rewriting American history. And what do the people on the Right do, nothing, taking the abuse because afraid of being attacked, labeled a racist, bigot or hater.

I got news for those of you on the Right who think this way. In Left’s twisted world, if you didn’t vote for Hillary you are a racist, bigot, hater, nazi, member of the klan and white supremacist. Accept you are all the things they claim and now move on but stop giving them one “scalp” after another. People haven’t learned a damn thing in the last 8 years.