CNN Covers For Obama: Families Were Separated ‘For Their Protection’


Classic propaganda and excuses from the Clinton News Network. When obama was POTUS illegals were kept in “..chain link holding areas..” and separating families was ‘for their own protection’. Now that Trump is in office the narrative of course a changed to “kids in cages” and “he’s a racist, breaking up families”.

The #1 problem with these radical leftists assessment and that of obama regime is they assume they were in fact apprehending legit family units. Illegals are not crossing the border with family photo albums and birth certificates, we have no idea who is and isn’t a family. This is the very reason families are/were being separated. It is well-known by DHS and CBP children are being abused by adults crossing the border who are NOT their parents. The cartels are taking children from families and using them for trafficking people into the US, because if you’re caught with child endow you get special treatment thanks to our crap immigration laws.

It’s a crappy policy but it must be done for the children’s protection, regardless for these hacks to excuse obama doing it for their protection but Trump doing it for similar reasons and he’s the devil demonstrates clearly their bias. These people are NOT journalists they are political activists actively trying to gaslight the country Trump is a bad orange man.

The media is the enemy of the People.