Border Patrol Chief Warns “Receiving Caravan Equivalent Numbers Of Migrants Every 7 Days”


“Last year agents in RGV made 162,000 apprehensions, we’re already at 147,000. At this pace, in my sector alone, we will have more than 260,000 apprehensions by the end of the fiscal year.”

Rodolfo Karisch the Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol Chief gave some staggering statistics in his testimony during Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing. The numbers should frankly scare the hell out of every single American regardless of party affiliation. We simply do not have the resources to care for the millions of illegals coming into the US.

38% of all illegal immigration comes from RGV
avg 1000 people apprehended everyday = to 17 commercial buses
1766 illegals were captured in 1 day alone
“RGV is receiving caravan equivalent numbers of migrants every 7 days”

The socialists turning a blind-eye to this invasion will be their undoing. It is only a matter of time until resources/ services are denied to American citizens who support the socialist party because they were used/ spent on the party’s precious “undocumented immigrants”. When that happens there will finally be backlash but it will most likely be too late for the nation. If this never-ending wave of illegals is not stopped from entering they will crash the social welfare system as well as cause economic and public health problems that will collapse since we are already strained under a mountain of debt.

Truth is this is all by design by the democrats using an old 1960’s radical leftist strategy to cause a massive collapse.