Democrats Executing Cloward-Piven Strategy on Massive Scale to Collapse the US Through Illegal Immigration


Democrats swear there is no crisis on the southern border yet the numbers of illegals entering the US climbs by the day along with illegal drugs and weapons.

The Border Patrol is overwhelmed they do not have the resources or facilities to house all the people illegally entering the US, where catch and release is being executed across the country. Illegals are tapping into/ abusing the social welfare system, which is already maxed out, created to aid American citizens down and out while democrats turn a blind eye in many cases or encourage illegals to access it. Hospitals have massive influx of illegals seeking care, many times getting aid before American citizens. The Left condemns ANYONE who wants any type of background check on illegals yet DEMANDS a citizen’s life turned inside out if they want to buy a gun. The entire system (immigration, social welfare, ability to govern) is being brought to the brink because the democrats, by doing nothing even encouraging illegals and denying facts in front of their eyes, are executing a radical Leftist strategy, Cloward-Piven, with perfection.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy, developed in 1966, calls for the overwhelming of the welfare system causing it to collapse. Democrats KNOW this strategy (it’s required reading like Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals), they use it all the time applying the theory to other areas, and now they’re executing it on a massive scale to not only collapse our welfare system but the country through illegal immigration. The Border Patrol, Courts, welfare system, lawlessness by Left leaning politicians, minimum wage jobs, lack of trust in media, you name it it’s affected by illegal immigration.

Leftists want illegals (from ANYWHERE) in America to change our demographics leading to one party rule as the democrats accomplished in California, which is the model for what they want to do to the entire country. Republicans are being wiped out in public office at the state and federal level. Illegals are in fact first class citizens, routinely given preferential treatment in just about any instance. Social welfare system is maxed out, industry is leaving the state, and the state is broke thus massive taxes. WHEN that happens on the national level you destroy the country leaving the door open for those who positioned themselves to benefit from the collapse ready to jump in an take over. The pain on the American people will make it easy for Leftists saying “We tried it their way and look at us, it’s time for new leadership, new laws and new economic system (ie socialism)”. Illegals are the vehicle dems see a path to complete and total control over America.

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There is no other reason to explain the ignorance and denial coming from the Left when it comes to illegal immigration. Leftists are calling for open borders at this point, where America will be so overwhelmed with illegal entry nothing can be done. A cascade effect will follow more or less leading to violent conflict, this site has been warning is coming. It’s almost as if dems want a civil war in America not realizing they’re picking a fight with the people who have been buying guns and ammunition at record levels since 2009 (when obama was elected) and actually know how to use said weapons. It will not end well for the people who don’t know which bathroom or pronoun to use against the gun loving, Bible thumping MAGA hat wearers!

This is a very dangerous game the Left is playing, foolishly thinking they’ll be standing on top when the dust settles.