LA County Sheriff Says Illegal Aliens Have Protection Under the US Constitution


Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva took questions at a town hall event, one in particular was why he is removing ICE from county jails. He told attendees “undocumented residents”, aka illegal aliens, are protected under the US Constitution!

Either the Sheriff doesn’t know the laws or is telling a lie! Maybe CA has passed laws that violate federal laws with respect to illegal immigration, but the only “protection” or “right” an illegal has in the US is to a hearing, they are not entitled to all the benefits and protections under the US Constitution. That is NOT this site saying that, this comes from former Attorney General and Federal Judge, Michael Mukasey, “Once an alien gets here, that person has rights that are similar to the rights that a US Citizen has. They have a right to a hearing, they can’t be treated arbitrarily…. Aliens have NO RIGHTS under the US Constitution.”

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What Villanueva is doing here is what Leftists do across the board, whether they’re a sheriff, media personality to a politician. They make things up, especially laws, repeating them over and over again until the lies are treated like facts. The shining example of this is all the nonsense over claims of collusion against Pres Trump. Collusion IS NOT a crime, there are NO statutes on the books for collusion. The Left made it up and has been running with it for years where it is now treated like a law! Same thing happened with DACA, it’s not law. It was an Executive Order obama used where he himself made it clear was temporary and NOT a pathway to citizenship, but to this day federal judges will make rulings as if DACA is law and anything against it is a violation!!

Take note when he speaks about federal and state authority. He leaves out the fact that his state CA is VIOLATING federal law by being a sanctuary state.
Right off the top he, his county leaders, state legislators and the governor are violating

Selective law-enforcement is what you see and hear here, to where attendees are calling him out for not telling the truth. This sheriff and many like him who choose to violate the laws protect illegals and other criminals need to be removed from power. Keep that in mind the next election cycle if you’re one of those types who will sit home if the candidate you want isn’t on the ballot. Elections have consequences.