Professor, Who Predicted 9 Elections, Says Trump Must Be Impeached for Dems to Win in 2020


Professor Allan Lichtman, who accurately predicted 9 elections, including Trump’s 2016 win, said dems only hope to win the White House in 2020 is by impeaching Trump. In other words, none of the democrat candidates running (count is close to 30 now) have a snowball’s chance in hell. Just as Rep Al Green admitted, the dems cannot win the WH unless they impeach Trump. He literally has to be off the ballot for a dem to win!

Speaker Pelosi just outlined all the dem run committees working to build an “ironclad case” to impeach Trump. Dems are doing everything within their power to get Trump out, even though NO President has ever been impeached and removed from office. We ARE in a Constitutional Crisis, but it’s the dems NOT Trump who is the guilty party.

What the dems are not factoring in is YOU. They don’t seem to understand the American people see through this nonsense, attacks on the President you chose, and if pushed hard enough (for real) “we” will eventually hit back. Everything they’ve done to date is like an annoying gnat in your face, but if they were able to impeach Trump and attempt to remove him from office.. all hell WILL break loose. We will go from repeating the LATE 1850’s to 1861, and people you do not want that to happen.