Sen Warren Gets Grilled Over Lying About Native American Ancestry


Sen Elizabeth Warren got grilled over lying about her claims of having “native” American ancestry during an interview on “The Breakfast Club,” DJ Envy. Take note how Fauxcahontas ignores DJ Charlamagne Tha God’s (?) question when she found out she wasn’t NA. So we really have no idea how long she carried on this lie. Thanks to Pres Trump for beating her up as he did on the issue where so many pushed for her to get a DNA test.

Every family has some story about what someone did, or a unique relationship/relative, OR something about their ancestry. Most people will investigate the claim to validate or debunk it, but not Liz Warren. She spent her entire life acting like she was part “native” American using it to get ahead (true or not, although she claims the Boston Globe checked it all out). That just goes to show her character and lack of integrity to push a lie for as long as possible. And when she finds out it’s one big lie we get a patronizing “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done it, now everyone move on” AFTER she more or less weaponized the lie! Remember this woman pulled the race card against her opposition many times as she carried on the lie she was NA.

Could you imagine the hell a republican or conservative would get if they cultural appropriated a group for personal and political gain! This one does it, say she’s sorry and then continues to pander to minority races like she did nothing wrong! Fauxcahontas is one more example why we cannot allow democrats to hold power in DC.