Swalwell: It’s Time to ‘Make an Example’ of Admin Officials Before Impeaching Trump


Rep Eric Swalwell told attendees, during a CNN town hall, that it’s time to start the impeachment process, to ‘make an example’ of Atty General Bill Barr and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin before dems go after Pres Trump.

What you have hear is a clear example of voter pandering by an incompetent, hopeless presidential candidate. Swalwell’s answers are so scripted and machine like you have to wonder if he was fed the questions beforehand.. since we know CNN has a habit of doing this!

AG Barr, Sec Mnuchin and Pres Trump have done nothing wrong, except simply exist at this point and be vehemently against the democrats policies. There are no crimes committed for any of them to be impeached. This tactic of the democrat party weaponizing federal agencies against their opposing party’s officials is a new standard. Anytime anyone from the GOP gains a seat of power the Left will question their legitimacy, create false stories and take every action possible to remove them via impeachment. This is the democrat party NOW holding 1/2 of 1/3 of govt power, just imagine what they will do if they ever hold a super majority!? Vote them out or you will have no one to blame but yourselves.