Buttigieg Calls ICE’s Mission “Illegal”


Democrat 2020 presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg was speaking to voters in Fresno CA discussing immigration, where he took it upon himself to say ICE’s (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) mission in many ways are an “illegal set of policies” to carry out.

Without ICE many criminal illegal monsters, who shouldn’t even be in the US, would be running loose… well there are but ICE is at least trying to round up as many as possible after the last admin turned its back on them. Without ICE all those stories we see about criminal illegals would still be killing, raping, stealing and molesting children. Granted there are many more, but if Mayor Pete or any other Leftists takes power they will open the flood gates for the monsters.

Democrats across the board, be it politicians to media, love to make baseless blanket statements creating rules and laws, or declaring laws and policies are illegal. You can be sure there wasn’t one person in that room to challenge him. NO ONE ever responds to a pundit with a simply question “what law is that” or “well how is the agency’s mission illegal”? And this goes for GOP/ conservs “friends” at Fox News, they allow Leftists to spew untruths all the time.

These people while they come off with good intentions, are quite dangerous. They make up laws, rules and the like voters take as gospel. We do not need people like this running this country, it’s one of the many reasons Trump was elected. We need to keep Mayor Pete and the rest of the Left out of power otherwise we’re in big trouble folks.